Grady Hutcherson, President
115 East 22 St., #1 Cheyenne 82001
634.7991 x105 cell 532.1731

Kim Amen, Vice President

John Fabela, Treasurer

Dirk Andrews, NEA Director

Christine Fitzgerald, ESP Rep

Lydia Rayfield, Minority Rep

Vicki Swenson, Retired Rep

Catherine Steinbock, Higher Ed Rep

Rebecca Murray, Central Region President

Jody Distler, Central Region Representative


Judith Crow, NE Region President

Darlene Erickson, NE Region Rep

Jenny Young, NW Region President

Reva Lobatos, NW Region Rep

Mariah Learned, SE Region President

Heather Rutz, SE Region Rep

Rachel Gibson, SE Region Rep

Ty Ruby, SW Region President

Madeline Trujillo-Hamel, SW Region Rep

Open, Student WEA President

Local Representation

Knowing who your leaders are is important to staying connected and informed. Use the listing below to find out who your local and region leaders are.

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