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Telephone Messages & Other Correspondence

If you would like to contact a legislator by telephone during the session, call the Senate Receptionist at (307)777-7711 or the House Receptionist at (307)777-7852 to leave a brief mesage for him or her.

Personal letters are always appreciated. Remember to stick to only one or two issues at a time, provide real-life personal examples, and be polite. Also, don’t forget to carefully proofread your letter. Send your letter, addressed simply to: “Dear Rep.” (fill in the name) or “Dear Sen.” (fill in the name), and mail to: Wyoming House or Senate, State Capitol, Cheyenne, WY, 82002.

Fax messages may be sent to a designated legislator at (307)777-5466.

Online & Telephone Hotlines

During the legislative session, you can recommend support for or opposition to a particular piece of legislation by using the Online Hotline. In addition to expressing support for or opposition to an identified bill, you can also leave a short comment regarding the bill.

This service is available on the Legislature’s website at Comments will be available to all legislators, but keep in mind that legislators consider a variety of factors when making decisions on pending legislation. 

The Telephone Hotline is also available toll free for those without internet access. Within Wyoming, the number is 1-866-996-8683; for local callers within the Cheyenne area, phone 777-8683. Callers will not be able to leave comments regarding a bill. The information that you provide using these services is considered a public record.