Early Enrollment Membership Incentive Plan

Wyoming will once again be participating in the Early Enrollment Membership Incentive Plan for 2015-2016.

First-time Active or New Student recruits, who will become members effective September 1, 2014, get access to not only the Early Enrollment Program coverage, but also to select NEA Member Benefits through the Plan. Please note that benefits under the Plan are available no earlier than April 1, 2015.

2015-2016 forms coming soon!

Below are 2014 links to documents designed to help you with the 2014 Early Enrollment Membership Incentive Plan.

2014-2015 Early Enrollment Letter

Early Enrollment Plan Rules  - explains who qualifies for early enrollment, what the benefits are, and how to fill out the membership contract.

Membership Contract  - needs to be filled out and signed by the member. (The membership contract  you need to make four (4) copies. One copy comes to the WEA Office, one copy needs to go to your payroll office, one copy goes to the Local President, and one copy goes to the member for their file.)

Early Enrollment Pledge -  needs to be filled out and signed by the member.

Both the membership contract and the pledge need to be sent back to Linda Bottom at:  Wyoming Education Association, 115 East 22nd Street, Suite #1, Cheyenne, WY 82001.

Please feel free to contact Linda Bottom at lbottom@nea.org or 1-800-442-2395 ext. 102 with any questions about Early Enrollment.

2013-2014 Prorated Dues Chart

2014-2015 Prorated Dues Chart

Electronic Funds Transfer Form

2014-2015 WEA PACE Annual Contribution Form

2014-2015 WEA PACE RETIRED Annual Contribution Form