Retire from your position, not your profession!

We hope you and your family are healthy and well. No one knows how our lives will look when the Pandemic is over. Two things, however, are certain: WEA-R will continue to work for an increase in WRS benefits for all public employees, and continue to support the WEA as they work to maintain quality education for Wyoming’s students and protect the safety of staff and students.

As a member of the Wyoming Coalition for a Healthy Retirement (WCHR), WEA-R did a great deal of work this past year with our goal is to obtain an inflation adjustment for members in the Wyoming Retirement System for each of two years and ultimately secure an actual COLA. Our WRS inflation adjustment bill narrowly passed the House but was never introduced in the Senate.

Now is the time to change our focus from lobbying (legislative action), to electing friends of education and of retirees (political action). It is time to change some of the faces of Legislators who seem to have forgotten why they were elected: to serve all the people of Wyoming.

How will we accomplish this important task? We need to work together. Anyone who cares about the future of Wyoming public education is encouraged to join WEA-R and WEA in our 2020 political action work. We need educators and friends of education across the state to support WEA endorsed candidates. How? Donate to WEA PACE, put up yard signs, talk to your neighbors and friends, tell your story, go door to door, attend candidate forums/ask questions, and VOTE!

Vicki L. Swenson, President
Wyoming Education Association-Retired
(307) 660-9995
203 West Redwood, Gillette, WY 82718

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." — Margaret Mead

You’ve spent your lifetime deeply involved in education. Your interest won’t suddenly end because you’ve retired. The fact is it doesn’t have to end and neither does your involvement. You’ve retired from your position—not your profession.
Rights and Privileges

  • A WEA active member is eligible at any time to join as a pre-retired member of WEA-Retired
  • Open to any retired education employee of K – Post Secondary level
  • Right to vote in WEA statewide elections
  • Right to hold elective or appointive positions




Membership in NEA/WEA Retired Life assures that your NEA Member Benefits continue.
NEA/WEA-Retired Life Membership is currently a one-time fee of $400.


Our goal is to have a WEA-R group in each community. What will your retirees do? That is up to your group! We are asking WEA-R members in each community to start the conversation. We have an NEA Retired Organizing Grant to help make that happen. I will happily come to your community and meet with interested retirees. Together, we can make a positive difference in Wyoming education! – Vicki Swenson, WEA-R President
Please click on the forms and documents tab to find the retirement membership forms.
Contact WEA Membership Specialist Linda Bottom with any questions.