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The National Education Association’s annual Rankings and Estimates:
Rankings of the States 2017 and Estimates of School Statistics 2018 is now available. Wyoming is holding steady in many of its rankings, however the state is beginning to slip in its average teacher salaries.

The Wyoming Education Association congratulates Wyoming’s educators for their work resulting in our state’s students leading the nation in the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress, known as the Nation’s Report Card or NAEP.

Governor Mead Signs Bill Today Cutting Public Education

Governor Mead signed House Bill 0140 into law today implementing cuts for the K-12 funding model of approximately $8.0 million for fiscal year 2019 and $19.3 million for fiscal year 2020. The bulk of these cuts will be felt through changes to the funding formulas for Average Daily Membership (ADM) and school groundskeepers, and institution of a cap on special education funding.

Wyoming Education Association Urges the Legislature to Prevent Funding Cuts to Public Education

After a brutal legislative session, the joint budget conference committee unanimously approved HB 0001, the state budget bill. But the battle for public education is far from over, as anything is possible in the coming days as bills head to the House and the Senate later today, and then to the Governor’s desk. The Governor will have three days to consider the budget and any line-item vetoes

Say NO to Larger Class Sizes

The Wyoming Legislature wants to raise schools’ class sizes from 16 students to 25 students–that’s over a 55% increase! Our students deserve every chance to be successful, and small class sizes play an important role in making that happen. Add your name: Let’s say NO to larger class sizes for our students.

Wyoming Education Association Concerned School Facilities Commission Illegally Raising Class Sizes:

The Wyoming Education Association contends that the School Facilities Commission (SFC) is attempting to increase class sizes illegally. WEA sent a letter to the SFC, explaining that their decision to increase class sizes from 16 students to 25 students is not only contrary to law, but is also a very bad idea for children in Wyoming.

Majority of Wyoming Voters Want to Protect the Quality of Wyoming Education and Are Willing to Pay More in Taxes to Avoid Cuts to K-12 Wyoming Public Education:

A July telephone survey of 500 registered Wyoming voters revealed that 78% of voters are willing to pay something more in taxes each year if dedicated to K-12 schools. WEA contracted with the nation’s largest Republican pollster, Public Opinion Strategies, to complete this statistically valid research.

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