Measuring a Math Success


Connie Sondeno, a recently retired math teacher and WEA Member used a non-traditional method of teaching for over ten years to get her students involved and see the reality of using fractions and measurement in real life.  Connie says, “I do this activity, because we are in an area where hunting us prominent.”  Connie uses her husband’s wild game mounts to teach kids fractions and decimals, with a certain way they are used in the “real world.”  The activity is a Boone and Crockett Club “real world” way of measuring wild game mounts.

She said that it’s almost impossible to teach her students fractions on a ruler, if it doesn’t have some personal meaning to them.  Connie believes her students retain the math lessons longer, when this fun activity is involved, rather than a worksheet or book-assignment method.  “They have to make those connections, those real-world connections, or learning is meaningless to them.”

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