Membership Benefits

Your membership in the Association buys you a variety of benefits that help you succeed in your career — benefits you can’t get anywhere else like representation, professional development opportunities, legal assistance, news and information, liability insurance, and much more.

But your membership also gives you access to exclusive programs that can help you achieve your personal and financial goals including insurance, loans, investments, and financial planning. Here are just a few examples:

Current Promotions & Offers For Members

February 2014

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Home Remodeling Done Right

Hot Deals and Discounts from NEA Member Benefits – February

Enter to Win a $7500 School Lounge Makeover from California Casualty

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Explore Proven Practices to Stack the Deck in Your Favor for 2014

March 3rd is NEA’s Read Across America Day

California Casualty’s Nominate a Hero Contest

NEA Member Benefits
With its commitment to improving the lives of members and its substantial group buying power, NEA Member Benefits provides quality products and services that help with personal and financial needs of our members.


California Casualty

Provides NEA’s Auto and Home Insurance Program


Legal Representation 
When you belong to the Association, you have peace of mind that your side will be heard and that your rights will be protected. We stand ready and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get a fair shake . . . and you don’t have to pay a penny in legal fees!


Educators Employment Liability Protection
With your Association membership comes a $1 million Educators Employment Liability (EEL) insurance policy which protects you against civil proceedings brought against you in job-related matters.