“Pay it Forward Day” Comes to Wyoming

WEA member and Casper Centennial Junior High seventh grade language arts teacher Mary Janousek had her class read the novel, “Pay It Forward,” which inspires students to push legislation in Wyoming.  Janousek said, “My class felt inspired to ‘pay it forward’ themselves and do something that would benefit others.”  After researching the topic, they realized that eleven states across the US and more than sixty countries around the world have proclamations declaring the last Thursday in April as “Pay It Forward Day.”  Her students wanted Wyoming to have a “Pay It Forward Day” as a reminder of the extraordinary power of giving.  Janousek’s class brought the idea to Representative Tom Walters, who worked diligently to pass a joint resolution of the members of the Sixty-Second Legislature of the state of Wyoming.

Janousek’s students meet with the Governor in Cheyenne for the passing of an official "Pay it Forward Day" in Wyoming.