Program Puts Admins in Educators’ and ESPs’ Shoes For A Day

Sweetwater School District #2 administrators participate in a district-wide program called “Gimme A Break,” where they draw a district employee’s name and work their job for one full day. All employees in the district are part of a monthly drawing, and the winner is surprised with a well-deserved day off.

Green River Education Association President Scott Blume said from what he’s heard, people really seem to enjoy the program. “What most impresses me is how our superintendent and business manager talk about it. The reality, situations, and connections with students they take away from this are invaluable,” Blume said. When the administrators take over in the ESP jobs, he said, those are the real eye-openers, and then there isn’t that disconnect.

The program was started by Superintendent Donna Little-Kaumo seven years ago when she was Sweetwater School District #2 Assistant Superintendent. Donna said, “I was a ‘transplant’ from New Mexico, and it was important for me to really understand the people in the district and the community.”

Little-Kaumo said she has done everything from mow grass, to food service, to teaching math classes.  She said it’s important for the district administrators to understand the other employees and their jobs because they make the policies regarding district staff, and so knowing those people will help them be better policymakers.