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Wide variety of trainings: WEA offers trainings and professional development for members, most of which can be done at your locale or on a regional basis. Contact your region’s UniServ Director.

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Do you have an exceptional skill or specialized knowledge that you could share with other WEA members? WEA is interested in forming a training cadre of talented members to serve as a WEALTH of Knowledge: WEA, Let our Trainers Help.

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Teachers are often faced with teaching Wyoming history with outdated textbooks and materials. The following resources have been gathered to assist teachers at various grade levels in teaching Wyoming history and in finding relevant and interesting field trip sites or artifacts that can be brought to the classroom.

Websites on Wyoming Native Americans
Wyoming History Resources

Professional Training Topics Offered by WEA Staff to Locals and Regions On-site:

  • With sufficient notice, WEA can apply for PTSB credit for many of these offerings.
  • This is not a complete list of the trainings available. If you have other needs/interests, please let us know!

Training TopicsDescription
ACAPnet - Association Compensation Analysis ProgramLearn to analyze your current salary schedule and discover possibilities for potential restructuring and its impact on total compensation.
AdvocacyExplore the rights of various education employees in one or more of the following areas: Basic Civil Rights, Education Support Professionals' (Non-Certified Employees') Unique Issues, Evaluation Process, Grievance Procedures, Legal Process, Personnel Files, Self-Advocacy
Association (Building) Representatives (AR) TrainingUnderstand the skills you will need to be an effective Association/Building Representative.
Bullying in the WorkplaceDiscover how to recognize, understand, and disarm the bullies in your midst.
Communications Skills for LocalsLearn how to create or improve your local Association's communications using written or electronic newsletters, websites, texts, e-mails, and social media.
Dealing with Change ("Who Moved My Cheese?")Change is inevitable! See how you can make the best of it.
Dealing with Difficult People ("Dancing with Porcupines")Learn valuable coping skills. Recognize four basic, difficult behavior patterns and develop techniques to deal with each type.
DiversityWe live and interact in a diverse world: differences abound in generations/age groups, cultures, genders, sexual identification, ethnicity, races, religions, education levels, socio-economic status, and more. Acquire the knowledge, skills, and awareness to interact across individual and group boundaries.
Don't Be Stupid Online: Social Media and Electronic Communication in the Education WorldProtect yourself from making bad decisions that, when shared with the online world, could jeopardize your employment.
Educator Code of Ethics: Your Role as a ProfessionalExamine your responsibilities and rights as a professional educator, including information from the Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB). This training can be tailored specific to certified and/or ESP members.
How to Say "NO" Without Losing Your Job!Practice responsible self-advocacy and assertiveness in the workplace; understand insubordination and how to avoid it.
"I Can Do It" - New Teacher and Mentor TrainingsAn interactive, on-going training approach designed to meet the needs of teachers new to their career (years one through five); provides learning experiences that facilitate successful classroom management; can also include training for mentors of new teachers. PTSB and UW credits are available for completion of this program.
Interest-Based Strategies for Negotiations/Bargaining Process/Problem-SolvingTeam training in the Interest-Based process and skills for those interested in learning and using collaborative decision-making.
Online Learning Opportunities for WEA MembersFind out how you can earn re-certification hours or a Bachelor's or Master's degree through the NEA Academy's online learning opportunities. Learn on your own time, at your own pace, and in a location convenient to you! And through a special arrangement between WEA and the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board, PTSB renewal credits are available for NEA Academy courses!
Organizational Development/Organizational EffectivenessDevelop your local Association's infrastructure to meet the needs of your members.
Political Action (Government Relations)
  • How to communicate with legislators and other elected officials
  • How to organize and utilize political volunteers for effective influence on local, county, and state elections
  • Candidate Interview Team Training-How to interview candidates and make recommendations regarding WEA-PACE endorsements during elections years.
  • Legislative Contact Team Training-How to serve as a regular contact for your local legislators.
  • Legislative Issues-Find out more about the current hot topics in the Wyoming Legislature.
Positive Media Campaign: Great Things are Happening in Wyoming SchoolsPublicize the great things happening in Wyoming education and your local Association. Learn how to prepare for media interviews, generate publicity, and inform your members and the public through the use of press releases, advertising, social media, and more.
Positive Parent EngagementThere is a deeper connection to learning when you know your students and can build on what they already know and the experiences they have already had. By connecting and building a partnership with parents, you can get to know your students better and, in turn, positively affect their learning.
Poverty SimulationThe Poverty Simulation, a large-group activity which takes about 3-4 hours to complete and debrief, allows participants to "experience" some of the frustrations & feelings, obstacles, and constraints of living with limited resources while trying to meet the everyday needs of work and family. Participants of this powerful activity will experience a month of poverty in a compressed time, trying to access services while working to cover life's basic necessities. The Poverty Sim is meant to stimulate changes in behavior, attitudes, and policy. NOTE: If your Local, school, or district does not have sufficient numbers of participants, you are welcome to include other community members.
PRAXIS PreparationNervous about taking the PRAXIS II? This multi-session course over a period of weeks or months can help you be best prepared. Also available: a single-session introduction to the basics of the PRAXIS: Wyoming requirements, registration information, and more.
Prepared, Not Scared-How to Prepare to "Get the Job"For our student members, preparation for the job application process and interviews.
School District Budget Analysis: Beyond the NumbersHow does your current school district budget compare with historical patterns and data? WEA will provide an analysis specific to your district and teach you to interpret and utilize the information for the benefit of your Local (for example, in negotiations).
Stress Management: How to stay cool in a HOT situationStress and anger make our professional and personal lives difficult. Learn ways to stay in control.
Student Behavior (Classroom) ManagementSome students can be a challenge to handle in the classroom. We can help you with positive, productive ways to reach even the most difficult student.
Vital Link for the 21st CenturyLocal leaders are the "vital link" that holds together the local, state, and national Associations. Trainees will be helped to define their roles and to become more effective leaders. Each session takes approximately 60-90 minutes. Trainings available include: Communication Receiving, Communication Sending, Communication Assertiveness, Managing Conflict, Leadership, Managing Change,Building Confidence, Decision Making, Time Management,Organizing Your Worksite.

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities:

WEA Professional Development Opportunities

WEA offers a choice of ten online courses through the Professional Learning Board, each earning one PTSB credit. $119/course. Open entry; 24/7 access.
Email Greg Herold, WEA Professional Issues Organizer, at gherold@wyoea.org for more information on the course listed below: