WEA-PACE (Political Action Committee for Education) is the political arm of the Wyoming Education Association, endorsing pro-public education candidates with voluntary donations.

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Are my WEA dues used for endorsement?WEA dues dollars cannot be used for candidate endorsements. All WEA-PACE donations are generated by voluntary contributions. Historically, WEA-PACE is among the largest political action committees in Wyoming.
Why do we endorse candidates?We endorse candidates who will protect safe and quality professional working conditions for all education employees, support due process rights for all education employees, continue support for the constitutional mandate for equitable and adequate funding, and support adequate funding for K-12 and community colleges.
What and who is involved in the process?Every Wyoming candidate who filed for political office was invited to participate in the endorsement process. Candidates seeking the WEA-PACE endorsement participated in an extensive process starting with completing a questionnaire, then participating in an interview at the local level. Statewide candidates were interviewed at the WEA headquarters in Cheyenne, while WEA members interviewed legislative candidates in their districts. Once interviews were completed, the Candidate Interview Teams, made up of WEA members in communities throughout the state, made recommendations to the WEA-PACE Council for endorsements.
Will WEA-PACE endorse for the general election?Candidates could receive endorsement for both primary election and general election or just for the primary election. The WEA-PACE Council will convene again after the August election to determine several additional general election endorsements.
What does an endorsement mean?WEA-PACE will provide assistance to endorsed candidates, ranging from monetary donations to WEA member grassroots support.
Why do some races have no endorsed or education-friendly candidates?In some cases, candidates chose not to complete the questionnaire and interview. This happens for many reasons; the candidate may be unopposed, may be unavailable during the interview window, or may not desire an endorsement from WEA-PACE. In other situations the local may have determined that no candidate in that race supports the WEA legislative platform at the desired level, and therefore chose not to support any candidate.


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