WEA Retired

Our goal is to have a WEA-R group in each community.  What will your retirees do?  That is up to your group!  We are asking WEA-R members in each community to start the conversation.  We have an NEA Retired Organizing Grant to help make that happen.  I will happily come to your community and meet with interested retirees.  Together, we can make a positive difference in Wyoming education!  – Vicki Swenson, WEA-R President


News:  2017 Delegate Assembly

WEA Would Like To Invite All Members To Consider Serving As A Retired Delegate to the 85th Delegate Assembly

What is Delegate Assembly? It is the annual meeting of the WEA that is held in order to define the policies of the Association, adopt or amend the Bylaws, Platforms and New Business items based on recent changes in the field of education or other pertinent events/changes.  The Program and Budget submitted by the Board of Directors is also evaluated.

How Can You Become A Delegate? This year WEA-Retired has been apportioned 26 delegates in total.  Please contact Cherie Cox at ccox@wyoea.org if you would like to serve as a WEA-Retired delegate. Please consider being a retired delegate!


Join: Retired Life Application

Pre-Retired Life EFT Form

You’ve spent your lifetime deeply involved in education. Your interest won’t suddenly end because you’ve retired. The fact is it doesn’t have to end and neither does your involvement. You’ve retired from your position—not your profession.

Rights and Privileges

  • A WEA active member is eligible at any time to join as a pre-retired member of WEA-Retired
  • Open to any retired education employee of K – Post Secondary level
  • Right to vote in WEA statewide elections
  • Right to hold elective or appointive positions
  • Membership in NEA/WEA Retired Life assures that your NEA Member Benefits continue.
  • NEA/WEA-Retired Life Membership is currently a one-time fee of $300.


Meet Your WEA-Retired Officers

If you have any questions or suggestions about WEA-Retired, we would sincerely be pleased to hear from you.

President – Vicki Swenson    vicki.swenson@yahoo.com       307-660-9995

Vice President – Chuck Custis    chuckwyo@hotmail.com    307-763-1926

Secretary – JoAnn Baumhover      dismath@yahoo.com     307-630-3682


WEA Retired

Retire from your position not your profession. WEA-R is growing our organization and we invite you to be part of that growth.