Who We Are

Who We Are

Wyoming Education Association (WEA) members work in Wyoming’s schools, colleges, and the university to help improve public education and the lives of Wyoming’s students. WEA members–more than 6,300 strong–provide a wide range of professional education services in communities throughout the state.

Our members teach in kindergarten classrooms, high school labs and university halls. We counsel adolescents and help students carve out career aspirations. We coach athletes and transport students to and from the schools and extra-curricular events. We provide professional services to benefit students, schools and the public in virtually every position needed to run Wyoming’s schools.

WEA members are dedicated to children and public education. Since 1892, the WEA has been working to make schools better and improve public education. Our association is dedicated to working in partnership with parents, community leaders and elected officials to help Wyoming’s students and improve public education.

The purpose of the Wyoming EA is to promote the cause of public education and improve the quality of teaching and learning. Through our more than 100-year history, WEA members have been involved in every struggle and effort to advance the finest of America's dreams: universal, free public education for every child.

About the WEA

Joining WEA is good for you personally and professionally … and it’s good for students.

As your professional organization, we are like a family, a union of professionals who agree that students and education are important — and that the people who are working in schools are important, too.

As skilled and caring professionals, we help you build relationships with colleagues across the state and nation. We are 6,000 members strong in Wyoming and 3 million members strong across the country. There is a WEA member in virtually every school building across the state ready and willing to help you and your students succeed.

We are the favorite teachers from your school days. We are your friends, your colleagues and your mentors. We are united in our belief in, and support for, public schools and the teaching profession. We know that it is part of our professional responsibility to unite together for the good of our students and for our profession.

We are a volunteer organization supported by our members’ dues, grants from the National Education Association and the good work of our members. Regardless of job classification, we are all educators.

Everything we do centers around WEA’s priorities of promoting quality public schools, strengthening the teaching profession and improving the well being of members.

“Everything” we do includes:

  • Maximizing learning opportunities for you and your students,
  • Working to enhance your career,
  • Lobbying the Legislature, and protecting your right to practice in your chosen profession.

Your membership is part of the equation that makes Wyoming public schools so successful. Your WEA membership makes a difference for students in your classroom and for your colleagues across the state.

Mission Statement: As a unified voice, WEA engages, educates, and empowers our members to advance high quality public education for all.

Vision Statement: WEA envisions a society where education is seamless, respected, and highly valued.

Values Statements The WEA values: Respect for all students and education professionals, empowered students and education professionals, public education for all, members’ rights, due process, integrity, diversity.

Member Benefits

A variety of programs are available to help you further your career, to improve your teaching and to save you money. It makes good sense to belong to WEA! When you join the Association, take advantage of the many benefits available, including:

  • News, practical information, and teaching tips you can’t get anywhere else. These are available through a variety of publications, like the WEA News, kits, training, the WEA and NEA Web sites and other online resources.
  • A professional network of colleagues from across the state and the nation with whom you can share your concerns and explore solutions.
  • A clearinghouse for the best professional development opportunities, the latest research on proven school improvement activities and special discounts on a variety of books and teaching materials to help you be your best. WEA ensures teacher input to the policy makers who determine the rules and regulations that affect your career and how you do your job.
  • Liability insurance protection plus access to specially trained staff and WEA attorneys if you should ever find yourself faced with job-related legal trouble.
  • Professional staff located across the state who are available for assistance with teaching and learning, student achievement and legal and salary issues. They are a phone call or a computer click away.
  • A voice in the Wyoming Legislature where we lobby for lower class size, increased school funding, teacher mentoring programs, professional salaries and retirement benefits for educators.
  • Research, support and training to negotiate professional salaries, benefits such as health insurance, and working conditions.
  • Personal financial advice and information you can trust plus real discounts and good deals through our WEA/NEA Member Benefits program. “Good deals” include a low-interest signature loan to tide you over until you receive your first paycheck or to take a college class; home finance programs to buy a house or refinance a mortgage; insurance protection for your family; and guidance in building your retirement nest egg.
  • Belonging to WEA is an asset because of the community support, recognition, and respect that we have earned as the state’s leading advocate for quality public education.

Join Today!

We have a variety of membership categories. Click here to learn more or contact your local WEA representative or our regional office closest to you.