WEA Retired

Retire From Your Position, Not Your Profession

We all know that education isn’t a job—it’s a calling. So when it’s time to walk away from your classroom, your bus, your library or your lunch room, what’s next? How do you stay involved in this field you love? The answer: WEA Retired. 

WEA Retired is a group of retired education employees with big ideas and lots of talent, experience and heart left to give to advocating for Wyoming’s kids. 

Vicki Swenson

WEA Retired engages with lawmakers and raises funds for political action. We mentor early career educators. As a board member, I bring the voice of WEA Retired members into the conversations that shape WEA’s path toward achieving its mission and vision. We are a conduit for conversations, connection and the ability to continue to evoke real, positive change in public education in communities across our great state. 

For a one-time fee, WEA members can secure a lifetime membership in WEA Retired. When you join, you open a world of possibilities for getting involved in shaping the path forward for Wyoming public education. You join a tight-knit community of educators and friends, and you maintain access to NEA Member Benefits that help you live your best retirement. 

I’m proud to serve as your President and humbled to be in a position to answer your questions and share with you the great work we are doing. Call or text me anytime to learn more about what it means to become a WEA Retired member. 

In Solidarity,
Vicki L. Swenson, President
Wyoming Education Association Retired
(307) 660-9995

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

You’ve spent your lifetime deeply involved in education. Your interest won’t suddenly end because you’ve retired. The fact is it doesn’t have to end and neither does your involvement. You’ve retired from your position—not your profession.

Rights and Privileges

  • A WEA active member is eligible at any time to join as a pre-retired member of WEA-Retired
  • Open to any retired education employee of K – Post Secondary level
  • Right to vote in WEA statewide elections
  • Right to hold elective or appointive positions
Membership in NEA/WEA Retired Life assures that your NEA Member Benefits continue. NEA/WEA-Retired Life Membership is currently a one-time fee of $400. Our goal is to have a WEA-R group in each community. What will your retirees do? That is up to your group! We are asking WEA-R members in each community to start the conversation. We have an NEA Retired Organizing Grant to help make that happen. I will happily come to your community and meet with interested retirees. Together, we can make a positive difference in Wyoming education! – Vicki Swenson, WEA-R President

WEA Retired Membership Forms

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