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Professional Development - Training Offerings

WEA staff and governance leaders have developed training on everything from classroom management to leadership, mental health, and wellness, creating socially just classrooms, and more. Your Association is here to help you and your colleagues thrive as healthy, happy, well-informed professionals. Review our menu of available trainings and reach out to your UniServ Director to request training for your local, school, or district.

Please put in requests at least two weeks prior to your requested training date. Non-members are often eligible to attend training, but only members may put in a request for training from WEA leaders and staff. These trainings are only available for WEA members, if you’re interested in bringing a WEA training to your school or local, but you’re not yet a WEA member, you can click the “Join Now” button below to join the Association, today.

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  • Basic Civil Rights
  • Grievance Procedures
  • How to say ‘No’ Without Losing Your Job
  • Interest-Based Strategies for Negotiations/Bargaining Process/Problem-Solving
  • Legal Process
  • Legal Response to Student Violence
  • Personnel Files
  • Preparing for Evaluations
  • Response to an Evaluation
  • Self-Advocacy


  • ACAPNET-Association Compensation Analysis Program
  • Intro to Meet and Confer
  • Intro to IBB/IBN
  • School District Budget Analysis: Beyond the Numbers 

Becoming a Better Educator 

  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS) – Separating Myth from Fact 
  • Educator Code of Ethics: Your Role as a Professional 
  • “I Can Do It” – New Teacher and Mentor Trainings 
  • PRAXIS Preparation 
  • Positive Parent Engagement 
  • Preparing for a Parent-Teacher Conference
  • Prepared, Not Scared – How to Prepare to Get The Job 
  • Student Behavior (Classroom) Management 

Building a Better Workplace

  • Addressing Issues for ESPs
  • Bullying in the Workplace
  • Dealing With Change (“Who Moved My Cheese?”)
  • Negotiating Behind Enemy Lines
  • Organizational Development/ Organizational Effectiveness 

Become a Better Communicator

  • Being Smart Online: Social Media and Electronic Communication in the Education World
  • Dancing with Porcupines (Dealing With Difficult People)
  • Mastering Functional Storytelling and the Art of Conversation (Persuasive Communications Practices)
  • True Colors (Personality Inventory System)

Legislative and Political Action

  • Candidate Interview Team Training
  • How to Communicate with Legislators and other Elected Officials
  • How to Organize and Utilize Political Volunteers
  • Legislative Contact Team Training
  • Legislative Issues Overview & Update

Strengthening Your Association 

  • Association Representative (AR) Training
  • Emerging Leaders & General Leadership Training
  • Membership Organizer (MO) Training

Safe and Just Schools

    • Poverty Simulation 
    • Student Abduction Awareness 
  • Enquire with WEA Vice President Kim Amen at to request Safe & Just Schools Cadre Trainings (reference separate handout for comprehensive list of social and racial justice trainings available through the Safe & Just Schools Cadre)

Self-Care for Education Employees 

  • Best Practices in Self-Care and Time Management
  • Stress Management: How to Stay Cool in a HOT Situation