WEA Elections

2024 WEA Elections Results

Click the button below to view the results of the 2024 WEA Elections.

This is your opportunity to have a lasting positive impact on public schools and shape your Association!

Below you’ll find information on available WEA offices, WEA Bylaws (job descriptions for available offices), procedures for announcing your candidacy and advertising opportunities. 

Please review and complete the forms listed below and return them by email to WEA Membership Specialist Linda Bottom at lbottom@wyoea.org, or mail. If mailing, please mail to 115 E 22nd St. Cheyenne, WY 82001 Attn: Linda Bottom. 

Looking to secure WEA members’ contact information to campaign for an open WEA office? Please enquire with the WEA Communications Department at aturner@wyoea.org to learn more about your opportunities to reach members via email, social media, and the WEA News e-newsletter. 

Forms to review and complete:

• 2024 WEA Vacancies 
• WEA Board Policy for Election Guidelines 
• 2024 NEA-RA Allocations 
• Bylaws of the WEA – Job Descriptions 
• Declaration of Candidacy Letter, Form and Code of Ethics 

Dates to Remember: 

February 23 If interested in one of the vacancies, please fill out a Declaration of Candidacy form (for each position) and submit it by this date. 

March 1 The WEA Board will work to secure additional candidate(s) for vacancies with no nominated candidates. 

March 26 – April 9 WEA 2024 Elections will be held. Starting March 26 at 6 a.m. and ending April 9 at noon. 

April 11 Local presidents notified of results.

Review Vacancies, Bylaws And Elections Procedures

As you consider running for WEA office, the following information will help you better understand the offices available, the responsibilities associated with each office, and WEA election procedures. 

Announce Your Candidacy

Ready to run? Below you will find the necessary forms to do so.

Please complete and submit to WEA Membership Specialist Linda Bottom at lbottom@wyoea.org no later than February 23, 2024.

WEA Political Advertising

Interested in advertising your candidacy via print or email to all WEA members? Reach out to the WEA Communications Department at aturner@wyoea.org or (307) 365-2317 to learn how! 

Join Today!

Become a member today! Use the link below to sign up or navigate to our Get Involved page if you have more questions. We can’t wait for you to be a part of our journey!