What We Do

WEA works tirelessly advocating for students and education employees.

Together we can do better for our students and create the working and learning environments we all need.

Joining WEA means you benefit from:
  • A Voice At The Table:
    There’s power in numbers. Joining the Association gives you greater influence over the decisions that affect your classroom and career.
  • Increased Pay And Benefits:
    As part of your local Association, you can more effectively advocate for professional pay and benefits.
  • Improved Professional Practice:
    WEA membership opens the door to members-only Professional Development opportunities.
  • Community Of Colleagues:
    WEA membership allows you to connect and network with a group of passionate, empowered education employees just like you!
  • Improved Working Conditions: WEA members advocate for small class sizes, streamlined assessment practices, safe school facilities, and more. Your membership supports making Wyoming public schools the best possible places to learn and work.
  • Positive Change In Your Workplace:
    Professional organizers  and advocates work with your local leaders to address issues and make improvements at your worksite.
  • Enhanced Rights:
    Bolster your workplace rights by joining the
    Association. Local leaders and trained WEA staff experts work to achieve bargaining rights and enforceable negotiated agreements benefiting education employees in districts across the state.
  • Commitment To Safe & Just Schools:
    WEA members work toward classrooms being safe, inviting, and inclusive environments for all students and education employees
  • Liability Insurance Coverage:
    When you join WEA, you benefit from NEA Educators Employment Liability (EEL) program. Liability insurance can help you work with confidence—knowing you’re covered lets you focus on work, not worry.
  • NEA Member Benefits:
    Recoup the cost of membership by saving money with exclusive deals on insurance, mortgages, big-ticket items like cars and appliances, and everyday purchases.

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